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What others have to say about Restore Cryotherapy
Amanda, Beach Warrior

“Don’t call me a beach bum. In the sun and on the sand is where I thrive. There’s something about the rush of competition that makes me feel alive. 

Cryotherapy sessions, after hours of training, provide a lift so that I’m ready for my next match.”

– Amanda, Beach Warrior

Ben, Regents Football Player

“This is my senior year and I want to make the most of it. I don’t have time for injuries or missed games. My teammates are depending on me and I love being on the field. 

I depend on Cryotherapy to help me recover my injuries and to get me back on the field faster.”

-Ben, Regents Football Player

Billie Jo, Stylist Extraordinaire

“As owner of my own hair salon, I love what I do: making others feel beautiful. It’s amazing how after an appointment at my salon, I can make someone feel transformed, enhanced, and renewed.

This is how Cryotherapy makes me feel and it only takes three minutes. Cryotherapy is a beautiful thing!”

-Billie Jo, Stylist Extraordinaire

Caleb, Budding Artist

“My passion is drawing and I have dreams of being a video game designer. I also have a severe case of eczema, a painful skin condition. But I will not let it get in the way of doing what I love to do.

Cryotherapy helps my skin feel better and lets me focus on my art.”

-Caleb, Budding Artist

Cody, NFL Veteran

“I have many fond memories of my glory days playing football as an all-pro offensive lineman for the Cleveland Browns. I also have many battle scars from the eighteen surgeries I’ve had. While the memories are great, the post-surgery inflammation and pain are not very glorious. 

I use Cryotherapy to manage the pain and reduce the inflammation from those surgeries. Now I’m a pro at something else and I need to keep going.”

-Cody, NFL Veteran

Gary, Mr. Fix-It

“I love to build and take great pride in the things I construct, but my body has taken a toll from the years of construction and sports. This challenges my mobility and active lifestyle. I care deeply about the things I build and don’t want anything to break down. I feel the same way about my body.

Cryotherapy helps me take care of myself, managing my arthritis pain without painkillers and anti-inflammatory pills.”

-Gary, Mr. Fix-It

Griffin, Sports Fanatic

“Playing sports is my favorite thing to do. Football is my favorite sport and I love throwing the ball around with my dad. I always try to do my best and I play hard. I get a lot of bumps and bruises. When my dad needs to feel better, he goes in for Cryotherapy and he takes me with him. I always joke that ‘It is pretty cool’. 

My dad lets me use localized Cryotherapy. It helps me heal faster so I can play more football.”

-Griffin, Sports Fanatic

Jack & Niki, Family Rivalry

“A love of tennis runs in our family. It’s something we can do together. I still teach her a few things about the game. She teaches me a few things about taking care of myself and the importance of recovery.

Cryotherapy helps us both bounce back faster and gets us ready for our next day on the court.”

-Jack & Niki, Family Rivalry

Jeff, NBA Veteran

“After 13 years of physical professional basketball, my knees, ankles and back aren’t what they used to be. I have tried everything and nothing reduces the pain like Cryotherapy. 

Thanks to Restore I’m able to get past the pain and enjoy being active with my wife and kids.”

-Jeff, NBA Veteran

Kyle, Road Warrior

“As an elite triathlete, I know what it takes to reach the highest level of the sport. Training hard and putting in the miles are important, but to be the best, you need an edge. I’ve found mine with Cryotherapy.

It helps me recover faster and train harder so I can perform my best.”

-Kyle, Road Warrior

Misty, Mom On-the-Go

“My family brings me constant pride and joy. My kids keep me on-the-go. I want my family to have it all and I give everything I can, including my time and energy. But I don’t always have a lot of time to take care of the things I need to do for me. Fortunately, I can find three minutes for Cryotherapy.

Cryotherapy helps me burn extra calories and gives me the energy I need to focus on my family.”

-Misty, Mom On-the-Go

Jamie & Nancy, Stronger | Fitter

“As personal trainers, helping people achieve their fitness goals is personal. We care about our clients and do everything we can to push them out of their comfort zones. We challenge them to test their limits (safely of course). This includes recovery at -240 degrees.

We recommend Cryotherapy to our clients as one of the best ways to relieve soreness, speed recovery, and reduce downtime due to injury.”

-Jamie & Nancy, Stronger | Fitter

Nicole, Court Maven

“I played tennis in college and continue to play to stay fit and active. Tennis will always be one of my passions. I love the feeling of winning (and beating my husband!).

A Cryotherapy session before a match energizes me so I’m ready to play. I play my best with I feel my best.”

-Nicole, Court Maven

Peggy, Survivor

“No one wants a near death experience to teach them how to live. As a survivor of cancer and a major car wreck, I am grateful for my life. But I’m not happy about the pain and after-effects of the accident and chemo.

Cryotherapy helps me get back to feeling like myself by controlling my pain, restoring my skin and giving me the shot of energy I need.”

-Peggy, Survivor

Sharon, Legislative Professional

“As the president of a legislative consulting practice, my days in session are very long and stressful. But it’s rewarding because I am working to make a difference. And that’s what Cryotherapy does for me. 

It helps with stress relief and overall body health…and that brings my house to order.”

-Sharon, Legislative Professional

Stacy, Weekend Warrior

“When I ran track at West Point, I was dedicated to being an elite athlete and future Army officer. Now I work in corporate America and help raise my family. I try to take care of myself by eating right and exercising. I never have enough time to do everything I want to do, but I do my best.

Cryotherapy does wonders for me by burning extra calories, reducing pain from old sports injuries, and getting rid of post-workout soreness so I can succeed in life.”

-Stacy, Weekend Warrior